Custom Metal Parts Manufacturing for Leather Products

Custom metal parts manufacturing for leather products with the quality and style of Made in Italy

The Italian leather goods industry has always been synonymous with elegance and style. Metal accessories play a crucial role in creating high-quality leather products, adding not only functionality but also a touch of sophistication.

In this article, we will explore how Micromet manages to combine craftsmanship and attention to detail in the production of metal accessories for high fashion leather goods and luxury brands.

Italian leathercraft: a tale of excellence in artisan tradition

The history of Italian leathercraft is a long narrative of artisanal mastery and a passion for creating high-quality leather products. This artisanal tradition has spread across Italy through the skillful use of techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Over the years, the Italian leather goods industry has gained an unparalleled reputation for excellence and attention to detail.

World-renowned fashion designers and stylists have recognized the intrinsic value of high-quality metal accessories for leather products, such as buckles, zippers, buttons, rings, hooks, studs, rivets, chains, spacers, and connectors.

A key element in the production of high-quality metal accessories is the choice of materials. The use of precious metals such as brass, stainless steel, and special alloys ensures the durability and elegance of metal hardware for leathercraft.

What are the metal accessories for leather products?

Metal accessories for leather products are essential elements that add not only functionality but also a touch of style and sophistication to leather goods, contributing to the creation of high-quality and highly appealing products in the world of fashion and craftsmanship.

Here are some of the most common metal accessories used in the leather goods industry.


Metal buckles are widely used for belts, bags, and clothing accessories. They can be crafted in various styles and sizes, adding a decorative and functional element to the product.


Metal zippers are sturdy and wear-resistant, making them ideal for bags, jackets, and boots. They can vary in terms of finishes, from polished nickel to antique brass.


Metal buttons are often used on leather jackets, coats, and clothing. They can be customized with engraved details or reliefs for a unique touch.

Rings and Hooks

These accessories are used to attach shoulder straps or handles to bags, as well as to fasten decorative details to belts.

Studs and Rivets

Metal studs and rivets are used to reinforce areas prone to wear on bags, backpacks, and boots. They can also be used as decorative elements.


Metal chains are often an integral part of bag shoulder straps or can be used as decorations on wallets or belts.

Snap Closures

These small metal snap closures are used in wallets, keychains, and accessories to close pockets or compartments.

Pins and Clasps

Metal pins and clasps are used to personalize jackets, coats, and leather clothing, adding elegant details.

Spacers and Connectors

These accessories are used to connect parts of leather products, such as the straps of a bag, ensuring a secure connection.

The production process of Micromet’s metal parts for leather goods

Micromet, a company based in Arezzo, is a true benchmark in the industry of manufacturing metal accessories for leather goods.

Our production process begins with a 3D CAD technical drawing of the model to be produced, where every detail is carefully studied and designed to ensure maximum quality and functionality.

Subsequently, the rapid prototyping technique allows for the creation of accurate prototypes in a short time, enabling the evaluation of the design on a real artifact and making any necessary modifications.

Once the prototype is approved, we move on to actual production. Micromet uses top-quality materials and cutting-edge processing techniques. This ensures not only the aesthetic beauty of the accessories but also their strength and durability over time. Attention to detail is evident in every phase, from the cutting and shaping of the metal components to the final finishing.

Simultaneously, rigorous quality control ensures that every metal accessory meets the established production standards before being delivered to customers.

This commitment to excellence is what makes Micromet a trusted partner in the metal hardware manufacturing industry, ensuring that each accessory is a testament to Italian craftsmanship mastery.


The production of metal accessories for leather goods is a combination of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation. Their quality and versatility make them an essential element for those seeking elegance and durability in leather products.

Micromet’s metal accessories for leather goods are the ideal choice for those looking for the perfect combination of quality, customizable design, reliability, and affordability.

Contact us today for more information and to start enhancing your leather products with Micromet.



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