Who we are

Artisan heart and innovative procedures

Micromet srl

Our history

Micromet is an Italian company located in Arezzo that has been active for several years in the production of costume jewelry and accessories for the biggest luxury brands. Since 2011, the year in which the company was born, Micromet has grown rapidly thanks to the specific corporate culture oriented towards efficiency and innovation that has made possible to achieve excellent product quality, thus satisfying the demands of the most demanding customers.

Our Company

Micromet is specialized in the production of high fashion raw small metal parts, costume jewelry, footwear and leather goods accessories, obtained with lost wax casting processes.

Despite having great craftsmanship, the company offers cutting-edge technical solutions to better respond to those needs for flexibility and versatility that production requires, with constant attention to costs and production times.

Our Goals

The company is able to manage programs and volumes of about two million pieces per year.

Both for our creations and for the services we entrust to our partners, we always guarantee the highest quality level, thanks to our internal quality control aimed at verifying every stage of production, from design to final assembly.

The goal of our company is to find solutions to meet the needs of customers, with speed, cost-effectiveness and quality.