Custom Small Metal Parts for High Fashion

Starting from an idea, Micromet is able to bring to life unique items that exactly match the customer’s requirements.

To develop the product, Micromet relies on a specialized team and production techniques that are increasingly keeping up with the times. The design and the 3D CAD technical drawing represent the first fundamental step of the process. After the 3D drawing is approved, the prototype production begins.

Micromet achieves this by employing both traditional techniques like lost wax casting and innovative methods such as Selective Laser Sintering of Metals, which enables the creation of prototypes in incredibly short timeframes.

Product Development Support

The service of support and consultancy for the development of new metal accessories is an activity that offers customers the opportunity to create innovative and high-quality products, leveraging the expertise and resources of a team of experts in the field of metals.

Product development is the process that transforms an idea into a finished product ready for the market, involving various stages including research, design, prototyping, and subsequent industrialization.

Micromet provides customer support at every stage of production, ensuring speed, flexibility, and constant product control.

From project inception, Micromet offers customers a specialized team capable of finding technical solutions that best meet their needs.

We offer a comprehensive research service, providing a wide range of materials that can include semi-precious stones, resins, rhinestones, and trade chains.

Micromet can also offer support in processes such as enameling, painting, stone setting, pre-setting in zirconia wax, thus ensuring a product that satisfies the customer in terms of completeness and quality.

3D CAD Technical Drawing and Design

3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technical drawing is a computer-assisted design technique that allows the creation and modification of 3D models of objects and components.

3D CAD technical drawing offers several advantages over traditional 2D drawing, such as increased precision, better visualization, and ease of review and modification.

3D CAD technical drawing can be used in the field of metal accessories to design and create products like jewelry, buckles, hinges, gaskets, and other decorative or functional elements.

3D CAD technical drawing allows the creation of detailed and realistic three-dimensional models of metal accessories, which can then be 3D printed or produced using the lost-wax casting technique.

3D CAD technical drawing also facilitates communication between the designer and the client or manufacturer, making it easier to share and verify requirements and specifications.

3D Metal Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a technique that allows the creation of three-dimensional models of a product or a part of it in a short time, using materials similar to the final ones.

Rapid prototyping is used to verify the feasibility, functionality, and aesthetic appearance of a project before moving on to mass production.

Compared to manual prototyping, this type of prototyping offers many advantages, such as:

  • **Reduction in costs, time, and material waste**
  • **Higher precision and quality of the models**
  • **Ability to easily modify the design based on customer or market feedback**

Rapid metal prototyping is a specific application of rapid prototyping that uses metals as the base material. This technique allows the creation of metallic models with mechanical and thermal characteristics similar to those of the final products, suitable for testing performance and durability under real conditions.

Metal rapid prototyping is based on various processes, such as selective laser sintering, an additive manufacturing process that uses a laser to melt and solidify layers of powder into three-dimensional objects. The laser follows the digital model of the object and fuses the powder according to the desired geometry.

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