Lost wax casting

The ancient technique of lost wax casting, once used by the skilled hands of expert artisans, now uses modern technologies and tools. The company is able to offer cutting-edge technical solutions even for projects that until a few years ago were considered difficult and uneconomic.

Production process

The final product of lost-wax casting is the result of a series of phases that begin with the creation of the silicone molds from which we obtain the wax models. Grouped in so-called clusters, the models are then placed in cylinders filled with plaster and fired in special ovens at high temperatures. The metal is casted in the cavities left by the wax.
Once cooled, by crushing the plaster, the cluster is extracted from the cylinder. Finally, the metal objects obtained are separated and directed to the surface preparation phase.

Silicone molds realization phase

Wax models production phase

Wax models assembly phase

Cylinder preparation and plastering phase

Melting and pouring phase

Cylinder plaster crushing phase

Separation phase of the single metal part from the cluster

Channel grinding phase

Testing and quality control phase