High fashion costume jewelry manufacturer in Italy

Micromet is a company based in Arezzo, specializing in the production of luxury costume jewelry on a third-party basis.

For its creations, Micromet manages to blend the creativity of its designers with innovative production techniques, making the lost-wax casting method industrializable. This technique is one of the oldest in metalworking, allowing for the rapid production of even large batches.

This approach enables the crafting of high quality jewelry and bijoux that are durable and resistant over time.

Thanks to its expertise, Micromet can:

  • Provide customer support in concept development and design, utilizing its designers and CAD software, including the selection of materials that best ensure the quality and aesthetics of the final product.
  • Create a prototype before starting production.
  • Manufacture the product in any quantity, from small niche creations to limited-number productions and mass productions.
  • Conduct quality control of the finished product.

High quality jewelry on a third-party basis

Micromet’s production of jewelry caters to established brands or anyone looking to launch their own line of costume jewelry. High-fashion bijoux represent luxury pieces crafted with precious materials and sophisticated design. The products can include bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and any other type of ornament.

The strength of Micromet’s productions lies in the high degree of customization and attention to detail throughout the production cycle. Our experience, combined with acquired creativity and professionalism, allows Micromet to create uniquely designed jewelry.

The use of the most innovative technologies enables the realization of any type of geometry, even the most intricate, meeting the most sophisticated demands.

Selective laser sintering of metals, for example, is an advanced technique employed by Micromet that enables the creation of complex jewelry directly from digital design. This process involves using a laser beam to melt powdered materials, layer by layer, until a three-dimensional object is formed. Laser sintering is utilized to produce intricate and detailed jewelry, often featuring unique and innovative designs.

Materials for luxury bijoux

For the production of high-quality costume jewelry, both precious metals like gold or silver, and other metals such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel can be used.

All the materials used are hypoallergenic (nickel-free).

Fashion jewelry findings

Micromet is capable of producing components and accessories for fashion jewelry, such as ring and earring bases, filigree, clasps, studs, connectors, hooks, and buttons in various materials.

Future trends in the luxury costume jewelry sector

The production of high-fashion bijoux on a third-party basis is a blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and executive excellence. All of this provides Micromet’s clients with the opportunity to explore extraordinary designs without compromising quality.

In the near future, luxury costume jewelry will increasingly embrace the use of sustainable and innovative materials. Additionally, there will be a greater fusion of styles and cultures, a return to the classic and elegant style of minimalism, a resurgence of vintage fashion, and the use of unexpected geometric shapes, just to name a few of the future trends in this industry.

With a growing focus on sustainability, the future of high-fashion bijoux is both captivating and promising.

For further information on Micromet’s production of high-fashion bijoux on a third-party basis, you can:

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