Semi-finished metal products for high fashion with lost wax casting technique


Company profile

Micromet is specialized in the production of high fashion raw small metal parts, costume jewelry, footwear and
leather goods accessories, obtained with lost wax casting processes…

Our goals

The company is able to manage programs and volumes of about two million pieces per year. Both for our creations and for the services we entrust to our partners, we always guarantee the highest quality level…


The ancient technique of lost wax casting, once used by the skilled hands of expert artisans, now uses modern technologies and tools. The company is able to offer cutting-edge technical solutions even for projects that until a few years ago were considered difficult and uneconomic.


Over the years, the company, to meet the changing needs of customers, has introduced new services relating to both the design and the lost wax casting process, constantly investing in technologically advanced machinery and products.


Micromet srl

Via del Maspino, 4/A – 52100 Arezzo – Italia

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