3D Metal Printing (DMLS ).

CAMPIONATURA ultra VELOCE con tecnologia di STAMPA 3D METALLI MICROMET è lieta di offrire ai propri Clienti l’ultima innovazione in campo di realizzazione di prototipi: la tecnologia di fusione selettiva di polveri metalliche (SLM). hanks to the 3D printing services, we realize prototype or single pieces directly in metal, drastically reducing time (few hours only to get the final output!!) and costs (no tools and supports required!). L’innovativa tecnologia SLM (selective laser melting) si realizza attraverso un processo per addizione stratificata di polveri metalliche, in cui l’utilizzo di un laser ad alta temperatura permette di fondere in maniera selettiva queste polveri (bronze, silver, stainless steel AISI 316L etc.), in just a few hours and without any tooling. hanks to the absence of tools and supports, we are able to create metal parts in very complex geometry and with very little three-dimensional details; with a high precision degree, the parts produced are also ready for post-processing such as milling, CNC turning, heat treatments, surface treatments, both aesthetic and protective, The DMLS technology is therefore ideal also for small definitive batches.


Other Services

Service Accessories for Micromelting

  • Grinding

  • Welding

  • Buffing

  • Montages


Main Services

  • CAD and design

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Technical support for the development of new products


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